Our pristine location affords our guests a multitude of opportunities to get outside and enjoy their beautiful surroundings. There a wide variety of outdoor activities that are perfect to complement your getaway. 

 At Henderson Park you can do as little or as much as you would like!

Enjoy your time without even leaving the property, or use us as a base to explore the local surrounds of Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast

Guided Property Tour 

Make sure you bring your camera as you enjoy a tour of the property with one of our friendly staff. The Tour will take you through the workings of the property and give you an insight into the daily life and activities required to operate the property. During the tour you will be told about the history of the farm, the cattle breeding program and associated markets. You will also be shown some of the friendly hand raised cattle, where you can pat bullocks that weigh over 1 Tonne. You are guaranteed to see a large number of Kangaroos and Wallabies, and can get an insight into the general farming activities. 
The tour takes approximately 1 hour 
Bookings are essential. Bookings are required on the afternoon before the tour. Tours times can be arranged to suit the guests. 
  • $40/ Family 
  • $15/Adult (min 2) 
people touching the cow in the farm
"Thank you very much for your hospitality. All was perfect. The guided tour around your property was very interesting to us. We loved the countryside."

Animal Feeding Tour 

At Henderson Park we have some domestic animals which you can bring your kids along and feed on a guided tour. The tour takes approximately 30 minutes, the kids will feed the chooks, collect the eggs, feed the Pigs and get up close with some of our friendly hand raised cattle (poddy feeding if available). Animal feeding occurs around 8.30am. Bookings are required on the afternoon before the tour. 
 $10 / Family 
kid with the chickens

Bush Walking / Self-Guided Walking Trail – Free of Charge 

A walking trail is located along the side of Hedlow Creek. The walking track follows Hedlow Creek for approximately 2.6km (5klm return). Other tracks are up towards the houses and down the laneway past the main house and cattle yards. During your walk you will see Kangaroos and Wallabies and will be able to take in the stunning scenery of the volcanic plugs and surrounding landscape. 
people visiting the farm
"Great relaxing swim in Hedlow Creek. The property tour was great and we got to see some kangaroos. Loved the canoe trip on the creek as well."

Canoeing – Free of Charge 

The lodge and cabins are situated approximately half way along Hedlow Creek. There is over 9km of water permanently in the creek which in most places is over 4m deep. Enjoy a peaceful paddle or refreshing swim along Hedlow Creek taking in the beautiful scenery and wildlife. Keep an eye out for turtles on the logs, Kingfishers, Kookaburras, ducks and a wide array of other birdlife which live near the creek. You will also see Kangaroos, Wallabies and Echidna’s along the creek mostly in early morning and late afternoon. 
There are no Crocodiles in Hedlow Creek. 
boat at the lakeside

Campfire – Free of Charge 

Enjoy a campfire in one of the locations which include in front of the lodge and in front of both cabins. Wood is provided. An axe is provided for splitting kindling, If you are not comfortable using an axe, please ask one of our friendly staff who will split some wood for you.

boat at the lakeside

Fishing – Free of Charge 

Free of Charge (bring your own rods) or Fishing Rods are available for Hire 
Hedlow Creek is stocked with Barramundi. There are also a large amount of other native fish and crustaceans in Hedlow Creek. 
Barramundi are active during the hot summer months. Barramundi have a closed season from 1st November to 1st February. During this time, Barramundi cannot be eaten. Fishing for barramundi is generally by a lure. Due to the freshwater environment, the Barramundi are not as flavoursome to eat as those in salt water, therefore a catch and release system is encouraged. 
Fishing for native fish such as Spangled Perch and catfish can occur all year round 
Fishing Rod Hire – Hire a fishing rod for $10/day, Lures lost will be at a cost of $10 each. 

man holding a fish

Sport Activities - Free of Charge

In the storeroom of the lodge for lodge guests you will find a Cricket Set and footballs. This equipment is also available in the laundry shed in between the cabins, for those guests staying in the cabins. 


A tennis court is available for use at the Barmoya Sports and Recreation Club. The tennis Court is situated approximately 4 minutes’ drive from Henderson Park. 
The Tennis Court perimeter netting is currently being upgraded. The $10 court hire is donated to the local Sports and Recreation club that are working towards upgrading the facilities. Tennis Rackets and Balls are available for hire from Henderson Park. 
 Tennis Racket - $10/day 
 Balls – Free of Charge - $5 per lost ball 
 Tennis Court - $10 / day 

Star Gazing - Free of Charge

Be amazed at how many stars that are visible away from the city lights. Experience star gazing without having to drive anywhere! Step outside of the cabin or lodge room at night and see if you can catch a falling star. The stars are extra bright in the country.
man holding a fish

Other Activities in the local area 

There are many local attractions and activities. 
Brochures can be found in the laundry at the lodge, or please ask one of the friendly staff. 
Some of these include; 
Guided tour up Mt Etna to Bat Cleft Cave. Enjoy an educational tour up Mt Etna where you will see over 150,000 bent wing bats coming out of the cave of an evening. At the entrance to the cave you will see large snakes (pythons) striking at the bats. Tours are from November to March. Tours occur on Monday Wednesday and Friday. 
  • Capricorn Caves 
  • Koorana Crocodile farm 
  • Cooberie park 
  • Little Egypt 
  • Byfield National Park 
Rockhampton Botanic Gardens and Zoo
Rockhampton Kershaw Gardens
"A wonderful place to sit back, relax and fish. Thank you for an amazing stay."
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